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Hello! Welcome to the wonderful world of Travelmaking Kai!

We’re super excited you chose to pass by! Travelmaking Kai is a children’s book and animation series about a curious little girl learning about various cultures around the world, through the people she meets (and subsequently travels vicariously through them)! Loosely based on the experiences and places visited by the author Kai Lutterodt; a travel blogger and diversity workshop facilitator, Travelmaking Kai is an ode to all the little girls and boys who don’t see themselves represented in children’s books or cartoons!

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This project is an adventure in itself as the character Travelmaking Kai is tweaked and developed in the early stages of her making, with the aim that the stories shared will contribute towards the discourse of diversity and multiculturalism in children’s book. Find out how you can support CLICK HERE

In the meantime, before our books are published, we’ve launched this website with a blog to share travel stories, fun facts, videos and resources. Please don’t leave without saying Hi or Bye! Share your message in our Visitor’s Book CLICK HERE.

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