Here are 5 fun facts about ‘Travelmaking Kai’ (TMK)… And author Kai!

Inspired by Big Kai, for the little Kai

1. Travelmaking Kai (aka TMK) is inspired, and loosely based on the adventures of her creator also called Kai (hope you don’t get confused). Kai is a travel blogger. She loves traveling around the world to learn about different cultures.  Some of the places Kai has visited and experienced include; climbing The Great Wall of China, dancing at Salvador da Bahia Carnival in Brazil, watching a special ‘bun’ coffee ceremony in Ethiopia, the eating the tastiest pizza (ever!) in Naples Italy! You can expect to find Travelmaker Kai adapting some of these adventures through people she meets!

Young Kai in China
Young Kai in China


Representation Matters

2. Kai was inspired to write a children’s book based on her passion for travel because when she was little she never read such stories with images which represent our diverse society. ‘Travelmaking Kai’ is about creating fun and educationally ways to teach children about the world, and also about addressing the lack of diversity in children’s literature. There’s space for everyone to be represented!

Yohannes representation
Yohannes has a big grin because representation matters!


Travel is FREE.. when you have a good imagination!

3. It can cost a lot of money to travel around the world, and a little girl like Travelmaking Kai doesn’t exactly have that kind of money! However what little Kai does have is curiosity! Sure it gets her into trouble sometimes, but when she asks the right questions to people she meets, she soon transported to a whole new world she didn’t know existed – just though their diverse stories of where they come from. It’s a great way of learning about different cultures… Plus it keeps little Kai out of trouble!

Kai backpacking Isreal with TMK
Kai backpacking in Isreal


Food glorious food!

4. Travelmaker Kai’s family are from Ghana, though they live in London.  TMK’s Aunty cooks the best Jollof rice, so she loves going to her Aunt’s after school. Her aunt calls her a ‘foodian’ – that means someone who loves food! Sometimes TMK’s neighbour Matilda picks her up from school. Matilda is from Italy and always shares wonderful stories with little Kai about Italian food… Pasta, Pizza, lasagne, risotto… And she lets her try it! Yummy!

Kai with Aunty Marian
Kai and her favourite Aunt – the one who tells the best stories and makes the yummiest Jollof rice!


Self-growth, self-love, self-confidence

5. ‘Travelmaking Kai’ is a little girl’s big dream to feed her curiosity by traveling around the world. Throughout the series the stories address ‘self-growth’, self-love, and finding confidence within. Growing up, Big Kai didn’t have these elements in place and often felt ‘awkward’ or ‘different’. However now she’s learnt that it’s our differences that make us unique she embraces them! Travelmaking Kai is for all the little children, especially little black girls who rarely see themselves represented, empowered, or reaching for the stars… The world is yours!

Young Kai in traditional Ghanaian wear
Young Kai in traditional Ghanaian/West African wear

Travelmaking Kai is in it’s early development stages! Find out how you can support the process right from the beginning! CLICK HERE

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