Sometimes BIG things can look very scary, especially because I’m so small!

But recently, I learnt that not all big things so scary… At least not when you get to know them!

When I visited Sri Lanka, I met a big, big elephant. I was really scared at first! But then I was curious, I wanted to know what it’s trunk feels like! So I came and bit closer and asked if I can touch it’s trunk.

Yes, of course!” said the owner,This is Sonia. She doesn’t bite!

TMK and the elephant Sri Lanka


Then I reached out to touch her truck! Sonia the elephant was kind and gentle – not scary at all (but still very very big!)

So now I know not all big things, whether a person or situation, are scary just because they are big. I learnt this lesson from my trip to Sri Lanka!

I’ll be sharing more lessons from my trips around the world on my blog! Are you following my adventures yet? #travelmakingkai

Bye for now!

Travelmaking Kai 🙂

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Photos ©Kai Lutterodt 

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