TMK Support London2I had a wonderful time with Kai and Rosa in Central London raising support for ‘Travelmaking Kai‘ children’s book series! As we handed Marek Ziebart a flyer, little did we know he’d captured some of our ‘selfie’ moments… It turns out Marek is a budding photographer!

I try to capture moments, not poses” Marek said.

Original pictures courtesy of Marek Ziebart. For more of Marek’s photography CLICK HERE

What a great way to end a long day out and about in London!… What are some of your special moments captured?

Kai and Rosa promo
The selfie: Kai and Rosa promoting TMK in Central London

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See you again soon!

Travelmaking Kai 🙂

Help ‘Travelmaking Kai‘ become a children’s book series by making a donation towards the cause – diversity in children’s books matters! CLICK HERE to find out more 🙂

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