Hi I’m Kai Li,

writer, story-teller, visual artist and diversity activist! I’m the founder of Diversity Matters – a platform which promotes diversity in arts and media, as well as work and education place.

I’m passionate about empowering people to embrace ‘difference’, because this is what makes us unique, and essentially our world a more interesting place to live in. Much of my work through travel writing has been about exploring identity and culture. I learn something new from each place I visit!


Kai and TM
I’m super excited about TMK!

This venture has been 3years in the thinking, debating, procrastinating making, inspired by my adventures around the world shared on her travel blog Travelmaker Kai!

I was inspired to create Travelmaking Kai as a reflection of my own self-growth. As a dark-skinned, black African female, it’s not often I’m represented on TV, magazines or even children’s books! Growing up in London, I was never aware of just how rich and diverse our world is, yet I was aware that my skin complexion made people view me differently, in comparison to my lighter skin sister who got so much attention and was also super friendly. My insecurities made me become introverted… And the most common way I expressed myself was through writing! Some of my earliest stories to memory are; “The Golden Cup” and “I never had a friend” (oh if only Travelmaking Kai was around when I was little!)

Travelmaking Kai isn’t a direct reflection of my younger self, but rather an outer ego! She’s curious, she isn’t afraid to say hello to the new person in class, and best of all she has an imagination that takes her around the world for FREE!

This project is an adventure in itself as the character Travelmaking Kai is tweaked and developed in the early stages of her making. Travelmaking Kai will be a catalyst in contributing towards the discourse of diversity and multiculturalism. Find out how you can support us CLICK HERE


I can’t wait to finish writing Travelmaking Kai stories so they can be published and distributed to various schools, bookshops and libraries in the UK and beyond! It’s so important that children are included in the discourse of diversity… Why not invest in a fun and engaging way to do that!

Find out how you can help make Travelmaking Kai reality by making a donation towards development costs in it’s early stages! CLICK HERE!

Thank you for your support! Please feel free to contact me regarding any enquiries you might have travelmakingkai@gmail.com

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