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We’d love your support to help the Travelmaking Kai (TMK) vision come alive! Through collaboration we can work together to share values of diversity! Whether you’re an academic or creative, individual or organisation – find out how you can collaborate with us!

Travelmaking Kai (TMK) is a children’s book series character of a little girl who travels the world learning about various cultures. 

Created in October 2017, TMK is inspired by, and loosely based on the travels of the author and creator, Kai Lutterodt, shared on her blog TravelmakerKai.

The vision for TMK is to create a strong brand linked to promoting diversity through representation of various cultures. As well as books, TMK will be adapted into a an animation series, educational resources and other branded items for children!

3ways support ©travelmakingkai

You can support through donationsponsorship,  or partnership with us!

Make a donation: Donations can be made via our Go Fund Me page. There you can see our progress towards reaching our early stages of development target. CLICK HERE!

Sponsorship: A sponsor can either provide funding or benefits in kind, such as complimentary printing services, event space or products we can giveaway to readers. In return we’ll display your logo with links as a proud sponsor on our website and event marketing.

Partner with us: we’re interested in collaborating with illustrators, designers, animators, teachers, schools, community leaders and publishers based in the UK or else where in the world.

Simply send through an email if you’d like to collaborate, chat or share any ideas/suggestions/advice!



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