TMK GoFundMe

Thank you ©travelmakingkai Thank you so much for passing through to see Travelmaking Kai! I’m so excited about her potential to change how we talk about diversity through her travels around the world!

Travelmaker Kai is inspired by my travels around the world as a travel blogger. I wanted to share the magic of travel and it’s rich contribution to learning about diversity, with a young and curious audience!

Travelling is important because it allows us to learn about different cultures and instills empathy. Our communities are becoming more multi-cultural which is a reflection of the world we live in. Travelling often comes with a price tag (though for Travelmaking Kai it’s free as she travels vicariously through the people she meets!). With your help and support “Travelmaking Kai” can share her message about diversity and break the conventions of children’s literacy which barely show protagonists of diverse backgrounds!

If you believe in our vision and would like to contribute towards start-up costs creating the ‘Travelmaking Kai’ children’s books and animation series please get in touch – I’d love to hear from you! CLICK HERE for the Go Fund Me donation page! You’ll get a thank you message and updates on how the funds are spent.

We’re interested in collaborating with illustrators, designers and animators from any part of the the world to reflect TMK’s travels. CLICK HERE to find out more or email

Thank you for your support, and please share this campaign in your networks!

Big hugs from Kai and Travelmaking Kai 🙂

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